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Top 5 Branding Tips for Small Businesses

Running a business is exciting, and having a strong brand is an important part of success. Here are some things to consider when up-leveling your business to a brand:

1. Focus on Your Unique Selling Point

Think about what sets your business apart from the competition and make sure you communicate this to your customers. It's okay to be repetitive, customers need to hear the same thing over and over again - branding is consistency!

2. Get Involved on Social Media

Social media is a powerful way to reach a wide audience, so make sure you have an active presence on the platforms that work for your business. Know what's easy for you- whether it's blogging, posting videos, or actively commenting and reposting. Start with the social media that is easy for you, and be consistent with that. Over time, you can slowly start doing new things; what's most important is that you start!

3. Develop a Consistent Brand Voice

Your brand should have a consistent “personality” that resonates with your target customers. Start with determining your core values and find the language that supports those values. Then, keep using that same language on all your platforms for a consistent voice.

4. Have Identifiable Visuals

Your visuals should be eye-catching and memorable. This could include your logo, website, and any other marketing materials you produce. When someone sees your Instagram feed, website, or any branding material, they should know it's YOUR brand, and not someone else's because it's unique to YOU.

5. Evaluate Your Brand

Don’t be afraid to make changes to your brand if needed. Monitor customer feedback, and be willing to adjust your brand if necessary. You should know what people are saying about your brand online. This will help you identify any areas for improvement and respond to any negative feedback quickly.

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Top 5 Branding Tips for Small Businesses
Top 5 Branding Tips for Small Businesses


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