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Do These 3 Easy Things to Your Photos to be Found on Google

1. Have photos (or a video) on every page

Where can I find free photos for my website?




2. Use alternate text

What is alternate text on photos?

  • Alternate text is the text that appears if your photo doesn't load for some reason. Instead of your website visitors reading "Screenshot123" or "IMG_5324," name it something meaningful and use your keywords.

  • It's especially beneficial for visitors who are visually impaired and Google will rank your site higher because you are appealing to all visitors

How do I add alternate text on Wix?

  • Option 1: Click the photo, then click the "settings" icon. In the box for "Alt Text" type in your alternate text

  • Option 2: Double click the photo, select the "Alt Text" field, and then type in your alternate text

3. Make sure your photos are the right size for wherever you are sharing them

What size photo do I need in order to share on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn?

  • Requirements change all the time, and they can be hard to keep up with! Sprout Social does a great job keeping up with the requirements. You don't have to worry about making your photos perfect for every site; just focus on making them compatible for your primary and secondary social media sites.

What is the best image size for website performance?

  • Your website visitors want your website to be fast and so does Google. The faster your images load, the better Google will rank your site. I recommend a 500 kb file size.

  • Use this site to determine how fast your website loads:

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