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3 Easy Things to Improve Your Website TODAY

1. Simply state what you do above the scroll of your website

Don't bury the lead, people should know (without scrolling!) exactly what you do, who you serve, and where you're located. How many times have you searched for a great photographer, date night idea, or professional service, only to scroll to the bottom and realize they aren't located in your city or state?

  1. One, specific, sentence statement of what you do

  2. Include who you do it for (busy entrepreneurs, IT professionals, etc.)

  3. Limited or no animation so it's easy to read and see

Here's mine:

Website Design & SEO for busy entrepreneurs

who want their customers to have an elevated experience.


2. Make your header clear and simple.

Ever heard of analysis paralysis? Having too many decisions to make ultimately makes you look away or not make a decision. Website visitors have a short attention span. Seeing a cluttered header is off-putting and overwhelming. Here's what I recommend:

DO include these in your website header:

  1. 7 links or fewer (You can have drop-down menus!)

  2. A shopping cart icon if you need to

  3. Your logo

  4. Clickable phone number and/or email address

DON'T include these in your website header:

  1. Social media links: You've worked so hard to get people to your site, why have them immediately click away? Place them in your footer instead.

  2. Awards and certifications: This information can be a little below the scroll of your website. It's important people see what you do exactly first!


3. Create an email opt-in

Make it easy for your website visitors to keep in touch. Email has a higher conversion rate than social media or ads, so make it easy for customers to give you their email address! This will allow you to email your customers directly when you have a new product or service,. You can even create a "Lead Magnet": a simple freebie that a customer receives in exchange for providing their email. A Lead Magnet can be as small as a coupon, checklist, or exclusive access to parts of your website.



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