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What Do You Know About Your Ideal Customer?

Why you need to know who your ideal customer is:

1. Advertising accuracy:

You don’t want to waste money advertising to everyone. Sometimes, you may think it’s better to cast a wide net. You’ll sell to anyone with money; what’s wrong with that?! But not everyone with money wants to hire you. So, you want to make sure you’re selling to people who you know are more likely to buy, and who you know will be raving fans of your brand.

2. Knowing how to speak to them:

Writing is difficult for some of us, but it becomes easier and more natural when you know who you’re speaking to. If you are a lawyer specializing in trademarks, you’ll likely target anyone who is looking to trademark their logo. However, if you are targeting big corporations, you’ll speak to them differently than a small business owner who may want more hand-holding. The lingo (and web design) will be different for each demographic. If you are too generic, the large corporations will feel alienated, and so will the small business owners. When you get specific about your customer, your customer will immediately feel welcomed and want to buy from you.

How to create your ideal customer:

Fight the urge to have a wide range of answers for each demographic. Remember, we want to be specific! You could even name your fictional customer! (The next time you are writing a blog, or posting something, you can humanize your ideal customer by asking yourself, "What would “Alex” think?")

  1. Age Range

  2. Gender

  3. Location

  4. Marital Status

  5. Income

  6. Education Level

  7. Employment Status

  8. Interests & Hobbies

  9. Problems

  10. Goals

Using the Lawyer example, here’s a sample of one ideal customer:

  1. Age Range: 35-50

  2. Gender: Female

  3. Location: Virginia

  4. Marital Status: Married

  5. Income: $100,000

  6. Education Level: College Graduate

  7. Employment Status: Self Employed

  8. Interests & Hobbies: Listening to podcasts, family vacations, concerts

  9. Problems: Not enough hours in the day. Juggling a small business and taking care of her family

  10. Goals: To have peace of mind in her business, possibly hire a team

How this law firm might write copy on their sales page:

We know you have so much going on in your business and the last thing you want is another task on your plate. But did you know if you don’t trademark your company name and logo someone else can use it? Start the trademarking process today to get some peace of mind.

Using the Lawyer Example, here’s a sample of a different ideal customer:

  1. Age Range: 35 - 50

  2. Gender: Male or Female Corporation

  3. Location: Virginia

  4. Marital Status: Married

  5. Income: $1,000,000

  6. Education Level: Graduate

  7. Employment Status: Executive Level

  8. Interests & Hobbies: Golfing, reading the newspaper, crosswords

  9. Problems: Staying ahead of competitors, getting publicity for a new product launch

  10. Goals: To increase revenues for shareholders

We make the trademarking process simple and easy for our valued customers. Our deep-dive analysis of your competitors will help you stay ahead of the curve to ensure your trademark is approved as quickly as possible. We know you’d rather be on the golf course than spending time on the phone, so we provide a one-page summary with our recommendations so you can make quick, informed decisions.

The differences:

  1. The content

  2. The tone and word choice

  3. The approach to why they need your services are different



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